Meet Relay.

A shipping and return system that works for you. And your customers.


92% — Amount of consumers who say they'll buy again from brands that offer easy returns.

Let’s give them what they want — while making your customer service team’s job easier than ever.

Take Relay for a spin now and get:

  • 90 day free trial;
  • And a 50% discount for a year after your trial ends!

Yes, it’s that simple, that easy, that fast.

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Inspired by merchants. Designed for merchants.


Relay is the brainchild of project managers and developers who have been helping merchants search for powerful shipping and returns platform for over a decade.

After years of helping clients find just the right fit — only to come up dry — they decided to build one themselves.

This experience enabled them to team up with retailers, understand exact needs and goals, and design a solution that’s easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to afford.

How Relay Works

Out-of-the-box integration

Relay instantly integrates with all of the order management, e-Commerce and catalog systems you use every day.

Real-time status updates

Create opportunities for engagement while providing up-to-the-minute updates on each shipment's route and ETA.

Faster, easier returns

Relay automates everything that can be automated — and alerts your team when something needs their attention.

Custom reporting tools

See how having access to real-time data and insights can improve every aspect of your customer experience.

Free up your customer service team to actually serve your customers.

  • Set rules based on SKU, price and many other variables
  • Create custom emails and communication triggers 
  • Identify patterns to get ahead of fraud and shrink